Your Local Theorist (real name Nathan) is an American YouTuber, who makes gaming related videos, and makes memes on his second channel, Duckhead. And used to run a channel named NaterTaterRyng.

He has done a collaboration with Cajansoar, and has appeared in a lot of his videos.

History Edit

NaterTaterRyng (2014-2017) Edit

Not much is known about NaterTaterRyng. It used to be a gaming channel, however, eventually switched into a tech channel. This channel had around 400 subscribers when it was ended.

Your Local Theorist (2017-Present) Edit

In 2017, Your Local Theorist had left his old channel, and created a new channel named Your Local Theorist. He uploaded his first video on September 14th, 2017. After a while of uploading videos, he began not releasing videos for a few months, however, he came back to uploading, and began uploading videos monthly, and has been uploading very videos 2 months consistently.

Duckhead (2016-Present) Edit

When Theorist had his old channel still running. He created a second channel, the second channel was used for commentary videos.

In 2017, after he ended his old channel, he decided to delete every video on Duckhead, and use it as a second channel for his new channel.

He uploads somewhat consistently on the channel.

Appearances in Cajansoar Edit

Channel Description Edit

Your Local Theorist Edit

"Welcome to Your Local Theorist! On this channel I play varieties of different games and review them. If you like that stuff, then feel free to subscribe... or don't... I'm not your dad, I won't tell you what to do..."

Duckhead Edit

"My name is Duckhead. I post meme videos."

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