Your Local Theorist is an American YouTuber, who makes gaming related videos, and makes memes on his second channel, Duckhead.

He has done a collaboration with CajanSoar, and has appeared in a lot of his videos.


Your Local Theorist (2017-Present)

In 2017, Your Local Theorist had left his old channel, and created a new channel named Your Local Theorist. He uploaded his first video on September 14th, 2017. After a while of uploading videos, he began not releasing videos for a few months, however, he came back to uploading, and began uploading videos monthly, and has been uploading monthly videos consistently.

Duckhead (2016-Present)

When Theorist had his old channel still running. He created a second channel, the second channel was used for commentary videos.

In 2017, after he ended his old channel, he decided to delete every video on Duckhead, and use it as a second channel for his new channel.

He uploads somewhat consistently on the channel.

Appearances in CajanSoar

Channel Description

Your Local Theorist

"Welcome to Your Local Theorist! On this channel I play varieties of different games and review them. If you like that stuff, then feel free to subscribe... or don't... I'm not your dad, I won't tell you what to do..."


"My name is Duckhead. I post meme videos."

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