This article is about Cajansoar's first ROBLOX Promo Code video. For the article about the second ROBLOX Promo Code video, see "Second Promo Code"

Roblox promo codes (Be Quick) (Working) (Check Description) is a tutorial by Cajansoar. The video is a tutorial on how to get some free items using promo codes on ROBLOX, an online multiplayer game. Although the video is mostly a tutorial. The video is mixed with memes every once and a while.

It is Cajansoar's first ROBLOX video.

The video is the video that launched Cajansoar's YouTube channel to thousands of subscribers, due to the massive amount of views the video gained. It is Cajansoar's most viewed video as of November 2019.

Description Edit

"2 Roblox Promo codes.... yes 2 and the other promo code will not last forever so tell a friend..... and yes this is a meme, but the promos still work!"

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