Not a kids game: Roblox is an episode of Not a Kids Game made by Cajansoar. The video is about Roblox not being for kids, the video shows several scenes where chaos and violence is happening in the game Roblox.

It is the first video in the Not a Kids Game series.

Plot Edit

The video begins by showing people at war in Roblox. It then shows someone walking out of a pizza restaurant on fire, just before the scene ends, the person dies. It then shows a pizza restaurant's kitchen on fire. Then it cuts to people crashing into each other with vehicles. It then cuts back to war. Then it shows a ship sinking. The video ends by saying "Roblox is not a kids game, its a nightmare. Spread the word #NOTAKIDSGAME".

Description Edit

"This game is not safe for you kids please, be warned this game will ruin you, maybe"

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