Not a kids game: Minecraft is an episode of Not a kids game made by Cajansoar. The video is about the 2009 Mojang video game, Minecraft not being for kids. The video shows various chaotic things happening in Minecraft.

Patrick Star is played by Your Local Theorist, in this video.


The video begins at "Steve's Ranch". Steve goes and plants a flower, however, Patrick Star walks over and breaks the flower. Patrick and Steve are at a barn during a storm. A lightning strike hits the barn, and the building catches on fire. The two start screaming and begin freaking out, as the fire begins to spread. Then Steve starts trying to save the horses inside the barn, one of the horses is fine, however the other horse is on fire. It then cuts to Steve surrounded by fire, and then Steve kills a pig. It then cuts to a sign that says "Jump Off Peak! (Dont Jump)". Steve then jumps off the peak. It then cuts to Steve breaking a building that says "Dont Grief pls" on the front of it. It then shows Steve throwing diamonds into lava. It then shows Steve on a mountain, and he reads a sign saying "Press For Free Diamonds", he pulls the lever, and it activates a piston that pushs him off the cliff. It then cuts to Patrick cutting down a tree, and Steve runs up to him, and punches him into lava, and watches Patrick burn to death. It then shows people spamming in the in-game chat. It then shows Patrick drowning Steve in a machine. It then shows

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