This article is about CajanSoar's video about Phil Swift in Battlefield 1. For the article about Phil Swift in Just Cause 4, see "NOW THAT'S A LOT OF EXPLOSIONS!"

NOW THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE! is a meme video by CajanSoar. The video uses clips from both the game Battlefield 1 , and Flex Seal commercials. The video is about Phil Swift in World War I. The video is done as if it were an advertisement for a Flex Seal game.

Battlefield 1 is a developed by EA DICE, It is the fifth installment in the Battlefield series. The game is based in World War I. CajanSoar got all the World War I footage from the game.

Flex Seal Products is a company that sells adhesive bonding products. They became a meme because of the company owner, Phil Swift, some of the humorous things he would say and do in his advertisements led to them being popular.



"World War 1 was a sad time to live in, trench fighting... death, war, fire and tanks.... but the Entente ended up winning the war... because OF A NEW PRODUCT KNOW AS (FLEX TAPE)"

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