Minecraft Parody (I Love It) Kanye and Lil Pumps adventure is a meme video by Cajansoar. The song used is a parody of "I Love It" by Kanye West ft. Lil Pump made by MineCraft King27.

Plot Edit

The video starts with Kanye and Pump dancing on a grass field in Minecraft. It then shows them dancing at their camp. Kanye then looks into the eyes of an Enderman, and they get attacked. It then cuts to them on a raft in the rain. Kanye and Pump then go into the ocean. Then it cuts to them on a grass field with fire behind them and lightning striking right next to them. Kanye then falls into the ocean again, and then it cuts to Vsauce taking a bath.

Description Edit

"Lil Pump and Kanye go for a ride in Minecraft.... why? I dunno"

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