MINECRAFT DRAMAALERT!!!!!!!!!!! W2S HOUSE GETS GREIFED?!?! PVP HACKER!?!? is the first video released by Cajansoar. The was released on May 15th, 2018. The person who plays Keemstar in the video, is Your Local Theorist.

This is the first video Cajansoar ever did on Minecraft.

Plot Edit

The video is a parody of DramaAlert, a YouTube show that reports news within the YouTube community. However, instead of reporting news within the YouTube community, the video is about if DramaAlert reported news about the Minecraft Community.

Description Edit

"Today on MC DramaAlert w2s house has been greifed? and also in the news, a player HACKING dare I say HACKING, who is it watch to find out, see you all next time"

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