Drake - In My Feelings 2 (Parody Video) is a meme video by Cajansoar. The video is a parody of "In My Feelings" by Drake .

Plot Edit

The video begins with a flute version of the Mii Channel Theme playing over the original song, this is most likely an attempt to avoid copyright. The video then shows a girl talking to Drake from her house window, Drake tries to flirt with the girl, with little to no success. The girls mom starts talking to Drake from her balcony and tells him to "get his Jordan's off her lawn". Drake then starts to leave her lawn, however, Drake tries coming back on her lawn when she's not looking, but the mom notices, and starts telling Drake to leave again. The video then cuts to the actual music video. The video then shows two Minecraft players dancing, with a kid dancing in the middle.

Description Edit

"Uhhh.... I can explain"

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