Can 20,000 Magnets Save Chris's Life Mid Air? is a meme video by Cajansoar. The video is a meme about the video "Can 20,000 Magnets Catch A Bullet Mid Air?" by MrBeast.

Plot Edit

Chris shoots a gun to see if the magnets would stop a bullet, it then shows that Jake got shot by the bullet. MrBeast then gets mad at Chris because Chris mentioned PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and didn't mention War Robots. It then cuts to "Breakfast with MrBeast", and it shows a clip of MrBeast trying to eat cereal, with a magnet at the bottom of the bowl. MrBeast then throws the bowl at the wall. It then shows Chris opening a garage door by saying "open sesame".

Description Edit

"Today we find out if Chris died by MrBeast, if so then I just exposed him"

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