Cajansoar (sometimes referred to as Caso) is a YouTuber. He creates memes, and gaming content. He began creating content in 2016, under the name CajanDash, however, he deleted his old videos, and began making new videos in 2018.

History Edit

CajanDash (2016-2017) Edit

Caso began creating content after being inspired by watching videos by VanossGaming. He began making content, and released his first video. After releasing two videos, his account was terminated for gaming. which Cajansoar says is a unfair termination, because gaming isn't a proper reason for being banned.

He decided to make a new channel. And he released a few videos, however, after 1 year of making videos, he decided to stop making videos for around a year.

Cajansoar (2018-Present) Edit

After around a year of not making videos, he decided to private all his old videos, and begin making memes, instead of gaming.

He started releasing videos, until he eventually released a video titled "Roblox promo codes (Be Quick) (Working) (Check Description)" which made his channel way more popular, since the video blew up.

He later decided to begin creating gaming content, that was different then his old gaming content.

Channel Description Edit

"spicy memes"

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