2000 People Subbed to me? is a subscriber special by Cajansoar. The video is celebrating Cajansoar hitting 2,000 subscribers. The video clip used is a video of Former U.S. President Barack Obama unveiling his new portrait. The other clip used is from "Crab Rave" by Noisestorm.

Crab Rave is a meme that became popular in late 2018. The meme often is associated with unfitting text that doesn't fit the tone of the video.

Plot Edit

The video begins with Obama unveiling his new portrait, while the Crab Rave music builds up. Once the portrait is revealed, the music gets louder, and on the portrait it shows Crab Rave, and it shows text that says "I have only 30 Active Subs".

Description Edit

"2K subs... about 30 active ones.... but still 2000 people managed to hit the sub button, I mean that's fairly good, OH YAH MR KRABS I got more subs then... 1 sub"

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